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Writer's Experience

When utilizing my services, you’ll get a touch of love alongside an elegant style of crafting. I love everything I touch and will treat you and your project with fidelity, loyalty, kindness, and respect.

Web Design 

September 2020 - Present


August 2000 - Present

  • Although drama and thriller writing are my main platforms, I am skilled in nonfiction writing, short stories, articles, screenplays, poetry, and more.

Crafting Articles

November 2019 - Present


August 2002 - Present

  • My proofreading and editing skills are timely and swift, and they span from everything to homework assignments, essays, student portfolios, resumes, letters, greetings, ads for souvenir books, and more.

  • Mississippi State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Inc., and Youth Affiliates (MSFCWC)


What Others Are Saying


Ashley is a phenomenal young lady who gives unselfishly of herself and her time to others. She has embarked upon the huge endeavor of caring for her mother while working two jobs and pursuing a master's degree.


I'm in awe of the abundance of Ashley's talent. Ashley's adaptation of O. Henry's The Gift of The Magi, for which she entitles The Gifts, is my favorite work. I was truly amazed by the changes she made to the main characters: Jim and Della.


However, Delia Danks' character in The Diner, is unlike any other I've seen. The ending took an unexpected turn which left me to wonder if more will come behind it.




Ashley or “TeeTee” as my children refer to her, proofreads and corrects homework assignments, essays, and school projects.


She’s a jewel to have in our lives and we love her to pieces. I’m ready to see the movie version of The Storm Within, because the drama between Stephen and Jayne literally leapt off the page. I can’t wait to read the next script.


I am amazed that Ashley is becoming quite popular on YouTube with her various videos throughout her Master's Journey.

Crystal Tyson

TeeTee, our teachers loved their Christmas and Valentine’s gifts.


We love making Tee-Tee's Chronicles come alive, and we LOVE you.


If our children’s book you promised to write is as great as The Story of Ella and the Magnificent Magnolia Tree, then we can't wait to read it too.

The 3LiveKrewe (KTK)

G, as we referred to her at "The Hill" in Jackson, MS, has this impeccable hidden talent. I always knew she was a Jack or Jade of All Trades, and this hidden venture tops all of her trades. I didn't know how creative she was, or that she was even attending graduate school until she asked my opinion on one of her works, The Diner. Having watched the video, and then read the script afterward, I'm waiting to read the next big thing. Way to go G.


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