Displayed below are a collection of my most meaningful writing projects.

Featured Works

The Snake

Thriller Flash Fiction            October 2019

The Snake is a Flash Fiction story that tells of a young woman's reaction to her familial strains.

The Storm Within

Dramatic Screenplay            October 2019

The Storm Within is a screenplay script that chronicles the tumultuous relationship between two young lovers, Stephen & Jayne. Can Stephen fix things before it's too late, or will he succumb to Jayne's wiles?

Letters to my Younger Self (Excerpt taken from A Letter to Young Ashley Denise Gilyard)

Nonfiction Letter                    October 2019

Letters to my Younger Self … tells a story of a young woman’s journey and pain through some of her adult experiences.

Diner Interior
The Diner

Short Thriller Screenplay            March 2020

The Diner takes the reader through the events of a stormy night at this eatery on a rural highway in Mississippi. Delia naively enlists the help of a dubious stranger. Will Delia survive the night? 



Happy Reading.

Single & Counting

Dramatic Webisode                January 2020

Single and Counting is a Dramatic Webisode Script (Pilot & Episode #2) that chronicles a village of 5 adults (Danielle, Celeste, Nicole, Dianne, and Keith), and the 12 children between them. 

Festive Dinner
A Wright Thanksgiving

Holiday-Themed Short Story          November 2020

 This short-story chronicles a family’s first holiday after a parent has gotten remarried, and now there are new faces at the table and new traditions to be honored.